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Metal Garden Art Chicken Yard Art Metal Outdoor Art Bird Metal Art

Metal Chicken Garden Art, Chicken Yard Art

7 decorative metal works will add a touch to your garden. This chicken decoration house with red combs and smurfs plans your back and front yard wonderfully. She can even...
Large Dragon Garden Stake Serpent Dragon Yard Art

Large Dragon Garden Stake, Serpent Dragon Yard Art

$99.90From $84.90
The decorative sweater model consisting of 3 and 4 pieces will be a great choice with its rust-like paint and water. Choose between Large and X-Large sizes. Get ready for...
Numididae Guinea Fowl Yard Art - Chicken Yard Art - Housewarming Gift - Farm Gift

Numididae Guinea Fowl Yard Art

$145.80From $74.50
It's time to meet the decorative Numididae family, which draws attention with its different designs! A great choice for your garden and lifelike decoration pieces. Discover the details of the...
Rabbit Yard Art Decoration - Rabbit Garden Art - Rabbit Decor - Metal Garden Art - Farm Decor -  Metal Garden - Bunny Garden Yard Art

Rabbit Yard Art Decoration - Rabbit Garden Art

$50.00From $44.90
Sale Ending Soon ☘️Decorate your own garden. [Original Garden Decoration] Not only will you like this product, your neighbors will love it too! Metal Tickness: 1.5 MM Metal Color: Black...
Gnome Yard Art

Gnome Yard Art - Gnome Garden Stake

$60.00From $40.00
Now it's time for fun and dwarfism! Meet the dwarf garden decoration. These wonderful medium-sized pieces will be indispensable for your special days and garden. Start discovering Gnome decoration products...
Metal Fox Garden Stake Yard Art Sculpture

Metal Family of Foxes, Metal Fox Garden Stake Yard Art Sculpture

$100.00From $69.90
Meet the decorative fox family with its modern look and noble stance. Special painted fox decoration that can withstand outdoor weather conditions for many years. You can have one or...
White Rabbit Yard Art Decoration - Rabbit Garden Art - Rabbit Decor - Metal Garden Art - Farm Decor -  Metal Garden - Bunny Garden Yard Art

White Rabbit Yard Art Decoration

From $44.90
It's time to meet the white rabbit garden and path decoration. The cute rabbit family is now with white color and pink ears. It's time to decorate your garden with...
Flower Bed Gnomes yard Gnomes

Garden Gnomes Set/Individual, Metal Yard Art

From $40.00
Garden Gnomes now in different colors! Do your garden a favor with 5 different color options. We wish these little friends of ours to bring you luck. They'll make great...
Bird Metal Art Farmhouse Decor Metal Garden Decoration

Chicken Yard Art Decoration

$74.50From $41.60
Chicken pattern garden & patio decoration. Mooden garden chicken decorations are now available separately. You can buy as much as you want, you pay as you get. It's time to...
Fox Lover Farm House Gifts

Metal Fox Garden Stake Yard Art Sculpture

From $59.90
Decorate your garden with decorative foxes with their noble stance. Fascinate everyone with their modern looks. It's time to own these special metal decoration products! This sweet and noble friend...
Quail Yard Art - Outdoor Quail Decor - Arizona Decor Quail Lawn - Chicken Yard Art - Housewarming Gift - Farm Gift

Quail Yard Art - Outdoor Quail Decor

From $44.90
High quality Quail decoration items. Are you ready to have fun with the Quail family? Give your garden a unique touch. Buy these limited edition Quails now. These birds in...
Pheasant Yard Art - Outdoor Pheasant Decor - Pheasant Lawn - Chicken Yard Art - Housewarming Gift - Farm Gift

Pheasant Yard Art - Outdoor Pheasant Decor

Pheasant is a great idea for garden decoration! This unique and one-piece Phesant will be a great decoration for your garden! Don't miss the introductory price and short-term discount. These...

FAQ - Garden Decoration

Where to buy garden decoration products?

You can use the website to buy garden decoration ornaments. Mooden offers dozens of different garden and patio decorations

How to decorate garden?

Mooden will inspire you for garden sculptures, garden decoration ideas, functional garden products

What is the price range of garden decoration?

Mooden offers world wide free express shipping garden decoration products for every budget and garden, from $20-$200

What are the types of metal garden decor?

Mooden manufactures garden decorations made of high quality metal. It offers a wide production line service from the thinnest metal to the thickest metal. It also makes optional production from Galvanized and Stainless Steel materials

What are examples of minimal courtyard decor?

If you have a minimal courtyard;

Our cute garden chickens will add joy to your garden.
See > Garden Chickens Decoration

If you need a little show of strength in your garden;
See > Dragon decorative figurine
See > Garden Fox ornament

Garden & Patio Decoration

The design of the exterior parts of the house that will appeal to the eye and be functional can be given as an answer to the question of what is garden decoration. The factors you will pay attention to while decorating will make your time in this area more enjoyable. It is important to capture a stylish and pleasant ambiance while decorating. There are a few factors to consider for this. The functionality of the furniture you choose is one of these factors. Using various accessories in addition to decoration also makes your garden a long, much more elegant place.


Garden Decoration Products?

Many people who have a garden section on the outside of their home search for garden decoration products. Knowing about garden decoration will make the design much more elegant. However, it is important that the decoration is functional as well as stylish. Otherwise, the decoration may become useless. If you do not want to experience such a situation, you should draw a limit for yourself during decoration. This border you will draw will determine the size of your garden and the decoration products you need. In this case, you will be less likely to choose the wrong products just because you like them.

Garden decoration products are also sold in many different varieties. There are a number of features that the furniture sold for gardens should have. Among these features, the products are not easy to clean. The garden is an area outside the house that can be exposed to bad weather conditions. Considering all these factors, it would not make sense to put a furniture that is difficult to clean in the garden. Therefore, the question of what furniture should be used in your garden is as important as the question of what is garden decoration. Products that can be cleaned easily and are not affected by bad weather conditions should be preferred. Since these products can be used for many years, it will be an economical and logical decision.

However, decoration is not only completed with furniture. For decoration, it is necessary to use various accessories that will be an addition to the furniture. While these accessories will make your garden look much more elegant, they will also enable you to create a pleasant ambiance.

The rugs and pillows you will use during decoration will allow you to create a bohemian atmosphere. In addition, the various plants and flowers you will use in your garden will make the air you create more elegant. Since this area is outdoors, lighting is also important. You can use led lights for lighting, or you can get help from them. However, if you do not think that the candles will be functional in the outdoor environment, then you can choose led lights. In addition to all these, the decorative objects you will use also help to complete the decoration.

How to Determine the Cost of Garden Decoration?

Today, many people spend time outdoors in order to relieve the stress of the day. If your house has a garden section, you can research what is garden decoration about this place. This research shows you many different ways. Another factor to be considered in the name of garden decoration is the cost. There are some factors that you should pay attention to in order to realize an economical and functional decoration. The first of these factors is to determine the cost of garden decoration before decoration. You can start the plan by determining how much budget you have allocated for this part of your home. In addition to this, you can also write what kind of products you want to use in the place and add them to your plan. In this way, it will be much easier to find only the products you need. Before you start decorating, it allows you to have information about what is garden decoration.

The cost you will set for decoration is directly related to the products you choose. It would be an economically wrong decision to turn to non-functional products. In order to keep the cost low during decoration, it is recommended to choose functional products. The decoration you will make with products that are easy to clean and resistant to bad weather conditions will allow you to use them for many years. Another factor that determines the cost is the size of your garden. In larger gardens, requests may be different. In order not to make the wrong decision at this stage, it is recommended to shop by considering the wishes of your garden. It also helps you keep costs low, as we identify requests before we go shopping for decorations.

It is important that the accessories you choose for decoration are functional. These products, which you will choose specifically to address your aesthetic concerns, should be resistant to the outdoors. Choosing products that are not affected by bad weather conditions allows you to use them for many years.

The Most Used Garden Decoration Products

People who do research about what is garden decoration, and decoration products are also curious. Today, developing technology enables products to have a wide product range. Garden sitting groups are among the decoration products that are frequently preferred by many people. The fact that this furniture can accommodate many people at the same time is one of the reasons why they are preferred. In addition, garden seating groups can be combined with tables.

In this way, it becomes possible to have pleasant meals with your large group of friends and family. Another product among the most used garden decoration products is lighting products that work with solar energy. The fact that the garden is an outdoor space can make it difficult to spend time in this area when it gets dark. If you want to spend time in the garden even when it gets dark, we need to do the lighting well. Lighting products charged with solar energy meet your lighting needs without creating any cost. Sculptures are also among the products used for garden decoration.

When we do research on what is garden decoration on the Internet, we can see the most frequently used products. Flowers and plants among garden decoration products make it possible to create a pleasant ambiance. If you are doing research on what is garden decoration, you can take a look at the products produced by With decoration products, you can have quality products that you can use for many years. In this way, your garden will become unforgettable and enjoyable for both you and your loved ones.

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